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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

    Calcium ammonium nitrate for agricultural use, evenly white granular, is produced by the synthetic reaction of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate and pelletization. It contains nitric nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and rapid available calcium, and can be applied widely in agricultural production as a water soluble granular calcium fertilizer.
1. It contains nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen. It can lengthen the florescence; promote roots, stems and leaves to grow normally; enhance fruits firmness and sugar, avoid fruits cracking and increase yield.
2. Fully soluble in water, excelling ammonium nitrate in nutrients, fast fertilizer efficiency, complementing nitrogen quickly as well as calcium, being absorbed by plants directly;
3. Supplying water soluble calcium, strengthening plants resistance to diseases, improving soil and increasing aggregate structure, promoting microflora activity and reducing soil compacting.
Chemical characteristics

White granular
Molecular weight
Content of water soluble calcium (CaO)
Content of total Nitrogen
Nitrate nitrogen( NO3--N)
Ammonium nitrogen(NH4+-N)